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The DNA in one of your cells has a total length of 1.8 metres when fully outstretched.

M.A.R.S. Mars Academy of Research and Science

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The Whizkids: Professor Scientifix and the Blue Gold

Sayansi, land of science

Welcome to the Island of GENOMIA, the tiny world of genomics.

GENOMIA is an island in the vast world of GAME FOR SCIENCE. It is populated with garden gnomes, who happen to be experts in genomics. Like in all virtual worlds, you can chat with your friends. You'll also find quests, games and information on genomics.

Genomics is a branch of modern science that studies organisms in terms of the genome rather than just a single gene.

Win an iPod!

Do you have what it takes to tackle the mysteries on Genomia Island?
Complete The Mysterious Dissapearance of the Whippersnapper Brothers I, II, or III in the virtual world or as independent games from our games page for a chance to win an iPod!
Invite your friends, too, as you get an extra chance for every friend who enters the contest!

Here are the contest rules:

  • The only way of entering the contest is the form which appears at the completion of quests or games from Genomia Island.
  • The contest will begin June 17, 2011 and will run until August 18, 2011.
  • A drawing from all those people who qualified to participate will be made.
  • The winner will win a 32GB iPod Touch, valued at approximately $ 319.99.
  • Winners will be announced August 19 at 12pm on the GAME FOR SCIENCE blog:
  • Genome Quebec is responsible for shipping the prize to the winner by mail or courier the week of August 22.
  • Employees of Genome Quebec and CREO, their representatives, agents and persons with whom they are domiciled may not enter this contest.

Any dispute regarding the organization or conduct of this contest may be submitted to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux.

Good luck!



Solve a Deep-Rooted Problem!

The ancestral tree has taken one of the Whippersnapper brothers hostage. Why? None of the gnomes have figured it out entirely. However, we know that the four brothers are conducting research on tree genes. They aim to unlock the keys to stronger, faster growing trees.

Until someone like you helps them, their work is on hold. You might have already heard Dobby, a laboratory technician by trade, has been trapped by the tree. Now it seems his brother Chester Whippersnapper, the bioinformatics scientist of the family, is missing and likely trapped too... Head to the condominium the four brothers share. There, dig around. You will find a number of clues that will help you free him. Be careful! The ancestral tree is in an ominous mood, he may try to lash out at you too... Do you have the wits to figure out how to free both Dobby and Chester?



WIN AN iPod touch… still a few days to go!

By popular request, the chance to win a 16gb iPod touch is extended until august 14th.

Good luck!

*** The contest period has ended. Keep your eyes open for more contests in the future!



Introducing : Genomia Island

Enter to win an iPod Touch!

There’s a shiny new GAME FOR SCIENCE expansion for you to try! Genomia Island is now online. You’ll be able to discover the world of genomics through a brand new quest. Will you succeed in finding a cure to the terrible disease afflicting Genomia’s gnome citizens? Embark on a trip to Genomia from the port on the main island and find out!

Speaking of ports... If you’re anywhere close to the Old Port of Montreal in the coming days, you could meet the team behind GAME FOR SCIENCE. We will tend to a booth for Eureka Festival from June 12 to 14 on the Quays of the Old Port.

Not only will you be able to learn everything about Genomia, but try out the quest at Eureka Festival or complete it online and we’ll enter you in a draw to win an iPod Touch! Inviting your friends yields you more chances to win so pass it along!


The return of a mysterious disease

You can launch a new quest on GENOMIA. Will you be able to save GENOMIA from the threat of an epidemic? Don't miss "The return of a mysterious disease." Cataga and his crew are counting on you!

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